Moms & Relationships: What is More Important than Love?

Imagine having to raise your kids on your own because you couldn’t manage to hold onto your relationship with the father. This is a common occurrence nowadays with more kids being raised by single moms. Most of them get into relationships by falling into love, but what they don’t realize is that a relationship is more than just the feelings of love that they have for each other. A relationship is made up of people from two completely different backgrounds and it takes quite a lot for them to strike a balance for a healthy relationship. In this article, we are going to take a look at what is more important than love in a relationship.

Moms & Relationships: What is More Important than Love?
Moms & Relationships: What is More Important than Love?


Without trust in a relationship, there is no relationship. Trust is something that people have to build, and when it lacks in the beginning of a relationship, there is quite an uphill task ahead.


Honesty is another thing that is vital for the success of a relationship. Lies and dishonesty bring about a breakdown in communication, which would mean that the relationship is headed for the rocks.


One of the things that makes people fall out of love is lack of respect and abuse. It should be maintained throughout the relationship and you’ll see it grow into a healthy one.


Communication is very important since it is the means through which lovers express themselves. It is the means through which couples can resolve conflicts, express their intimacy, and express their needs and expectations.


Trust and loyalty go hand in hand. It is important to be loyal to your partner even when things are at their worst. This goes on to show the level of commitment that couples have for each other and their relationship. Standing with partners even when they are wrong shows that you’re committed to them.


Happiness is key in a relationship, although realistically speaking, there will be those times when you’re unhappy. Let the happy moments overshadow the unhappy moments. Many marriages break up because either one of the spouses, or both are unhappy.


One of you has to give and step down for the other one, whether it is an argument, roles in the relationship, and a host of other things. Learning to compromise will greatly strengthen any relationship and bring more happiness.

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A relationship is more than the love that a couple feels for each other. The things we have mentioned above also play a critical role in keeping it alive.