Easy Ways Moms Can Increase The Value of Their Home

Homeownership is a long journey and is not for the faint-hearted. The good news is that you can achieve your dream home, it’s a matter of one step at a time. If you are not planning to stay in your home long term, upgrading your home will still help to increase its value which will lead to a high re-sell value. There are specific areas in a home if they are worked can greatly impact the general look of the home. Renovating the whole home may be expensive to be done at once but you can do it in bits. Some of the key areas you can work on to improve the value of your home include:

Easy Ways Moms Can Increase The Value of Their Home
Easy Ways Moms Can Increase The Value of Their Home

Kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen and bathrooms are very sensitive areas that most people consider when they are choosing a home. Most women will choose a home depending on the kitchen. Millennials are very specific when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. If you focus on those two, you can instantly increase the value of your home. In remodeling, you can change cabinets, add new cabinets, change tiles, and colors among many other things. Trends are changing and be sure to check it out so that you are in the know.

Update the Floors

The floors of a house can either make it look cheap or expensive. For example, wooden floors always look more expensive than other kinds of flooring. As much as hardwood flooring is expensive, you can opt for engineered flooring which will still give you almost the same effect at a fraction of the cost. The only difference is that durability may be different. Apart from the flooring, another way of updating your flooring is by increasing its square footage. This can be done by removing some walls so that there is more open space.


As much as it is outdoors and thus may be underestimated when it comes to increasing the value of a house, the truth is that it has a big influence on the curb appeal of a house. The greener the place can be, the more the value the home can generate. That can help you fetch a higher ROI. While you may desire to get the landscaping effect, it is best to keep off from synthetic turf. You don’t necessarily need a landscaper to do it, you can start by planting some flowers and trees. The greener it can get the better it will be for you.


When it comes to updating a home, you have to be strategic. With the right strategies, you will get your dream home. Start ruling out on DIY projects that you can do. The rest you can identify what needs to be done and set a budget. From there you can create sub-projects and timelines which you plan to implement them. It is also good to analyze cost vs value that you will get from renovation to make sure you get value for money.