Can Makeup Make a Woman Stronger?

Women across the world spend a lot of time applying makeup at the start of every day. The time varies depending on the amount of makeup, the skill, and even the type of makeup. Some will simply apply lipstick and they are good to go, while others will want to blend different colors of mascara to achieve a certain tone, which will take much longer. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways that applying makeup can make a woman stronger.

Can Makeup Make a Woman Stronger?
Can Makeup Make a Woman Stronger?

It boosts confidence

Makeup makes a woman feel like she is more in control and gives her a boost of confidence. They tend to feel that they are a more perfected version, which easily spills over to other things like their attitudes. If they were to attend events barefaced, it would kill that confidence.

It connects women

Despite it working the opposite for some, makeup actually brings other women together as they wear and talk about it, figuring out how best it can work for them.

It can prepare women for “battle”

There is makeup for every occasion. A woman going to the office will wear different makeup from a woman that is going out for a dinner date, or from one going out clubbing. This means that wearing makeup in a certain way prepares our mental mindset to tackle the oncoming “battle.”

It’s fun

Makeup can also be used for fun, such as creating a new look, and such women are said to have higher self-esteem and be more assertive, according to Whitefield-Madrano.

Women can look more competent

Aside from making women feel more confident, makeup can make the women look more competent to others just by looking at the women.

It’s “her” time

The time that a woman spends applying her makeup is “her” time, and especially in this busy world where everyone is almost too busy for themselves. This becomes even better because it becomes a ritual and is done every day without fail.


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With the right makeup, a woman can definitely feel and look stronger. Websites like ToolBlush are there to empower women by offering them tips and advice on how they can care for and enhance their beauty.